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Anonymous asked:

As a man I'm curious. Do get catcalled or harassed by men often? Are you often oppressed?


I think every woman probably encounters catcalling at some point in her life. It’s happened to me a couple times before, and while I thought it was very embarrassing and uncomfortable, I really just try to not let it ruin my day. Am I often oppressed for being a woman? No. I’ve never felt systematically oppressed and felt like I couldn’t achieve something just based on my gender. Have I encountered sexism before? Yes. But that doesn’t mean a few sexist jerks are going to hold me back from accomplishing something.




pARISA ffff i need those tags for accuracy help me

he does that wince-frown two other times in the movie; later in this same scene

and earlier in the film, during the conversation with Pierce in the bank vault. Yeah. That frown he does after he goes “but I knew him”.

That expression was 100% Bucky Barnes.


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There’s not even a difference of 3 years between these visits, but everything about Dean is different; from the way he wears his father’s jacket to the way he smiles. His shoulders are lower, beaten down from years upon years of torture. Gone is the cocky front and flirtatious grins. In its place is broken humility and raw honesty. He’s changed from the confident guy with one thing to die for to a mutilated man with nothing to live for.

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